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​Join us in our efforts to help our community


Max Trax is an exciting new community-led cycle track in Openshaw, Manchester.

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Max Rimmer-Chambers was a very special little boy adored by his family, friends, and all who met him.

Max's Story
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Max's Story

Max Rimmer-Chambers was a very special little boy adored by his family, friends, and all who met him. He was so full of fun and adventure, with a cheeky charm that drew anyone instantly towards him.

Max had an obsession of all things with wheels. He loved nothing more than riding bikes, scooters and anything that zoomed around Delamere Park beside his house.

Tragically, Max passed away at aged four, on 24th May 2017.

The loss of Max ripped through the whole community. His sparkle ignited in people's hearts, and knowing the love he had for adventure, Max's family decided to put donations from Max's funeral back into the community.

The Dream

In memory of Max Rimmer-Chambers


Max Trax will be a place for young people and families to come to have fun and be active, learn something new, and explore the outdoors. 

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"the community are so supportive of us developing Max’s Cycle Trax in Openshaw. This will really help the local community to engage with the cycling agenda in Manchester in memory of Max."

Kerrie Rimmer-Chambers
Max's mother

The Dream 2

The Dream

Knowing that Max had a passion for fun, adventure and all things with wheels, we want to create a bike track in Delamare Park that can be enjoyed by the children and families of our community - a safe place created in memory of our precious angel.

Kerrie and the Max Trax committee started by consulting school children in the area. Since then, we have been working with Step Up MCR, Manchester City Council and a specialist track company to bring these ideas to life!

Working together with local schools, community groups and residents, we have designed a track that we think fits perfectly within our park whilst keeping the wide-open green space that we know and love. All trees will be left untouched, and the proposed track is to be built on the inner field that already holds the skate park.

Max Trax needs to raise an ambitious £200,000 for the final track build and desperately needs your help to make it happen.

Kerrie is looking for financial support to build this new facility, alongside donations already raised by the local community, friends and by all our amazing MaxTrax followers & supporters. Maybe you could run a fundraising activity, or your business could run some staff related fundraising activity?

So far, we have fundraised an incredible £129,941 for a brand-new community cycle track in Delamere Park, all in memory of Max Rimmer-Chambers. Your help is needed now more than ever.

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Max Trax has been designed by the community- for the community 


This track wall be safe for multiple use, all abilities and ages wanting to explore.

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"Great community friendships have been built alongside a brighter future for Openshaw."

Kerrie Rimmer-Chambers
Max's mother

The Track

The Track

The track will cater to all ages and abilities, with a balance track for younger children, an advance pump track with small humps, and an expert track to encourage progression. 

  • A learn to ride/ balance bike area. 

  • A mini roadway to allow users to gain understanding of road networks and methods of usage. 

  • Progressive features throughout these 2 areas will instil balance and skill in the youngest of users. 

  • A beginner all wheels pump track suitable for all ages and wheel sizes.

  • An intermediate/ advanced pump track to continue progression and keep interest in the area for all ages and skill levels. 

  • Connection of the area to the further site, existing trails and beyond within the locality in order to attract riders and other users to make use of the facility and the park. 

  • Additional features and/or attractions which can be incorporated into the bike track design on the site to attract users and keep interest and progression high for many years to come. 

For the last three years, Max Trax have been working with residents, the council, bike track designers, and other local stakeholders to develop a plan to create the cycle track. 

Max Trax registered as an organisation this year and has grown a strong team of people to pave the way forward. 

It will be a place for young people and families to come to have fun and be active


It will also transform the disused park building into a community café and cycle repair hub.


"I've gained so much confidence and met some amazing people."

Kerrie Rimmer-Chambers
Max's mother

Future Plans

Future Dreams

There is massive potential for Max Trax to grow into a community cycle hub. In the future the Max Trax team would love to see:

  • A bike repair shop where local people are taught how to repair bikes. It will be a place to run workshops to recycle un-used bikes so they can be put back into the community or hired out to those who wish to use Max Trax but don’t have a bike of their own. 

  • Cycling proficiency to increase the number of people cycling and raise awareness. 

  • A community tea room run by local residents and provide activities for the older people in the community. 

  • A small allotment to go with the community orchard that was recently planted by The Friends of Delamere Park. 

  • Regular community events.

How Can You Help? Maybe you could run a fundraising activity, or your business could run some staff related fundraising activity?

Step Up MCR will work to support Max Trax to secure the additional funding needed for the track and will hold funds until the final target is reached. Should the track build not go ahead for any reason, the funding will be held to support other local community-led projects, though donations can be returned to the supporter if requested. 


Stay Informed!

Upcoming Events

  • MaxTrax Colour Cycle 2024
    MaxTrax Colour Cycle 2024
    Sun, 02 Jun
    Delamere Park, Openshaw
    02 Jun 2024, 12:00 – 16:00 BST
    Delamere Park, Openshaw, Manchester M11, UK
    Get ready to experience an explosion of colours like never before! MaxTrax Colour Cycle 2024 will be an unforgettable day of excitement and adventure. The Explosive of Colours event will transport you to a world of vibrant hues and thrilling experiences. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind event!

We are supported by several charities, community and sporting organisations as well as many friends like GB’s BMX rider Quillan Isidore who has been helping us deliver the track project.

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Quillan Isidore

- Former under-16 BMX world champion

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