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A Great Opportunity to Shine!

What a Great Opportunity!

Teenage Market is coming to Delamere Park Openshaw in conjunction with this year’s Fantastic MaxTrax GlowRoll when our community lights up!!

As well the Market, there will be also be live entertainment & a DJ, MaxTrax food and beverage, Glow Activities (face painting, t-shirt painting) and Cycling Activities from Access Sports.

Teenagers… if you’re interested in holding a stall, performing by singing or playing in a band please do take this amazing opportunity sign up via the link:

Teenage Market

The MaxTrax GlowRoll event will run from 2pm until 6pm, and traders are free to start packing up at 5pm, as that is when the GlowRoll will begin.

As this is an outdoor event, tables and gazebos will be provided. There are 15 traders stalls available.

More stalls can be added as 13/15 have already been taken!!!


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