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The BeeHive Building

Since 2019 the old Beehive Building within Delamere Park as stood empty. MaxTrax saw the potential of developing this area into a community space to go with the All Wheels Track, but had a fight on our hands against other tenders.

Through the support YOU have given us, that has been noticed by M/C Council and beyond, we were handed the keys to the building on 11th August 2023. The building is to be open for community use such as youth space, group projects, children's parties, gardening plus much more.

The first phase is to hopefully open a kiosk. This will generate an income to expand. There will be development over time to provide indoor and outdoor seating and the use of a much needed 🚾.

We will keep you updated as and when but if you have ideas for the space or how it should look then please get in touch.

"Making Tracks for Our Community"


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