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Let us know your thoughts about the

ALL-WHEELS MaxTrax Coming to Delamere Park!

We would appreciate you taking the time to give us some feedback on the ALL-WHEELS MaxTrax in Delamere Park.

All-Wheels MaxTrax in Delamere Park

Proposed Plans June 2023


Grey&Orange loops:

Learn to cycle area/balance track


Grey building:

Beehive kiosk serving refreshments with indoor/outdoor seating.

Community space for community use


Grey&Green squares:

Repair/recycle workshops


Yellow circle:

Outdoor cover


V Shapes:

Seating / bike parking


*Existing Path between Beehive Area and Inner field to be a continuation that links both together:

Bike gates at each end to prevent motorised bikes


Blue&Grey area:

All wheels track for all ages and abilities


Pink&Green circles:

New trees


Dark green circle:

Christmas tree


Purple dots:

Track lighting to enhance existing light


Black squares:



Yellow s shape:

New bonded path


Pink dotted area:

Wild flower grass meadows to enhance wildlife


Green dotted area:

Replace skate park with small football pitch.

(existing skate park is worn / all wheels track will compensate ramps)


A small area within the beehive building area will house mini allotment to work alongside the orchard.


Beehive area will have retractable gates/fencing. Options of open and close plan when in use.


Blue line:

Drainage/sud area

Share your thoughts with us!

Thanks for sharing! We always strive to improve.

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